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Jewelry trends in the last decade

September 3, 2019

A successful run in the jewelry industry usually begins with a need for sophistication, a knack for beauty and a stern desire to spread that beauty to the end of the world. Over the last couple of years, the desire for more customizations and new designs have virtually affected almost everything we see and use.

Jewelry, as well as fashion, as we know it, is an endless cycle of the same features, but with a few distinctive additions, year on year, decade on decade. And although a lot can change in 10 years, it doesn't seem like a lot has changed in jewelry trends in the last decade. Most of what people buy and wear are essentially the same thing over the years. Even, some are borrowed from earlier years like the 90s and 80s. Some even go as far as the 70s to draw inspiration for their jewelry needs and designs.

But since the jewelry business is an important aspect of beauty, style, and culture, it is important, as business owners, to learn about the diverse jewelry trends that have occurred within the last decade. By doing so, it will help to strengthen your company's grip in the market, and help you understand the distinct needs of customers.


Some of these jewelry trends include:


1. Floating rings (2009)

Floating rings were popular in 2009. They are made with an exceptional design which allows diamonds to "float" on them. Markus Schmidt, a jewelry designer, gives descriptive details about how the floating rings are made. According to him, "each gemstone tells it's own fascinating story creating a mesmerizing experience for both the wearer and the viewer." Floating rings are beautiful and may look quite different from the everyday rings you see.


2. Sterling silver jewelry (2010)

The Sterling Silver Jewelry was mainly a strong trend during 2010; however, there have been market declines over the years. Though, designers and artists are being made to constantly redesign and reinvent the Sterling Silver jewelry to meet the evolving taste of customers.


3. Noteworthy Neons (2012)

Noteworthy Neons were the choicest jewelry of 2012 and are still popular today among women, especially in Asia and some parts of Europe. They are made from different materials ranging from colored wood and paper to brilliantly colored plastics and whatever anyone can use to demonstrate creativity.


4. Long necklaces (2013)

Really long necklaces with an edgy and faux fangtooth were the rave in 2013. Fangtooth pendants, as you may want to call it. Almost everyone had one then, even Kerry Washington.


5. Classic Statement Necklace (2016)

 These necklaces are colorful and quite the killer if they are worn with matching dresses. They are suitable for a work environment, social gatherings, and any other casual outings. The classic statement necklace was popular in 2016 alongside other delectable designs of that year.


6. Crystals (2017)

Crystals have been popularly known for a while, especially for their supposed healing powers. But in 2017, they were incorporated into headbands, and so many stars, celebs, and trendsetters were seen wearing these headbands at public functions. From Coachella to the Oscars, down to the Academy Awards where Ruth Negga walked the red carpet with a red version of the crystal headbands.



It's quite obvious trends will never stop changing. With inspirations drawn from history and a few tweaks here and there, we will keep seeing more new, stylish and exciting trends.


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Jewelry trends in the last decade

September 3, 2019

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