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The impact of nanotechnology on industry sectors - a review

May 23, 2016

Through the broad coarse of time and from various perspective analyses, the importance of technology is something that you simply can’t deny. Science is ever expanding and it is actually dynamic in the case of its usage. But when you dig deep, you would find the same principles which have been used in every case. That leads to a greater find which the scientists are really interested in and makes their life much more facile. It all goes down to the atomic or molecular level. The better you have a command over those molecules and atoms, the better you would be in terms of technology. The little things do create a wonder and these are simply known as nanotechnology. So by definition, nanotechnology is that branch of science which deals with the dimensions that are less than 100 nanometers. The manipulation of those single atoms and molecules is the science of nanotechnology.


The story is said to begin in early 1940s, when Richard Feyman gave a lecture about nanotechnology and gave the theories of manipulating elements at their atomic level. The term was later coined as  “Nanotechnology” in 1947 by a Japanese scientist named Norio Taniguchi. Later there were many scholars who have worked in this field effortlessly and by their contribution we have a better world which is well developed in the field of nanotechnology. In the late 2000s, the world came to know about the details of nanotechnology and how it is drastically going to change the course of history in the near future.



The rise of nanotechnology was evident and its widespread has its effects, mostly in the consumer sectors. The industries have seen a radical upturn due to the advent of nanotechnology used in the procuring methodologies. There were various bindings in the procedure if industrial equipments and their ways of handling the situation. But due to the work on the molecular level, production is not like before, but has changed and everything is going on in the positive way. The bar of success was elevated and several milestones were reached in the fields of industry and all the thanks goes to this awesome nanotechnology.


Just take  a look around, everything you are looking at is surely directly or indirectly got a touch of nanotechnology. The gadgets you are using have all been possible because of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has given the gadget industry and electronics sector a new dimension on which we are mostly dependent on these days. We are getting upgrades of everything in the silicon industry and have we ever thought how all these are being achieved? Yes, nanotechnology is making this world a better place.


The Delicious food that we are taking in every day from processed meat to dairy products. The special dietary items and nutritional addings we get from the supermarket, everything is here due to nanotechnology. Safer foods are on our table and that too has more nutritional values than before!

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