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The Creative Alternative Solution

March 14, 2016

Innovation has been always a part of any emerging industry that seeks to find more ways to make people’s lives better. And in any industry, innovation is a continuous phase concerning on the pragmatic side in the different aspects of a particular person. Furthermore, innovation is deemed successful when it optimistically affects a person’s daily routine or work environment and when it effectively improves the current technology.


For an instance in the taxi industry, almost everyone patronizes on hailing a cab in order to get to his or her destination, although hailing one can be a nuisance due to the ratio of passengers and a cab. That is why Uber Technologies has introduced the mobile app, Uber, which aims to be convenient and to ease the process of hailing and waiting for a taxi cab. Uber is already an innovative move or an improvement in the taxi industry, which still abides with the economic pricing model and does not affect the overall demand for a taxi.


Another point that innovation is flourishing as an improvement to the current solution is the patented PillCam capsule endoscopy, which looks like an ordinary capsule with a video camera inside, intending to help doctors with endoscopic procedures among patients. Most doctors have already been patronizing the PillCam technology over the use of a traditionally small camera that needs to be inserted into the patient body and taken out after the examination. This scenario does not affect the endoscopic market because the procedure is still similar—placing a camera inside the patient’s digestive tract—except that the modern approach has been better.


For the cooking area, the electric stove has entered the market to reduce the usage of gasoline in cooking, although the demand for a stove remains the same. The traditional use of gas stoves is present in a common household and, since the innovative solution of taking advantage of electricity as the main source of cooking, an electric stove is invented. Furthermore, there are numerous kinds of cookware available in the market, ranging from copper to titanium steel. In the earlier years, the non-stick coating known as Teflon has been prevalent but now, there is a variety of cookware to choose from such as titanium steel, ceramic, glass, porcelain enamel and stainless steel. In spite of the number of choices of cookware in the market, the demand for purchasing one does not change at all because everyone needs cookware at home. The difference is the innovation that comes through the cookware and the uniqueness of the product from the other.


In a modern generation where ceaseless technologies are ubiquitous, there is always a room for additional improvement and development that aspire to palliate the incumbent solutions for the comfort and well-being for consumers.

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