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Quality Testing

Six accelerated quality tests were selected and used for the evaluation of NanoFine process with different objectives:

  1. Wear Resistance

  2. Synthetic Perspiration Test

  3. Climate Test

  4. Corrosion Test

  5. Hardness Test

  6. Tarnish Test


The six tests were performed on 9-karat, yellow gold lab samples. A set of three samples for each test:

  • NanoFine: 9k Samples that were color enhanced to 18k color using NanoFine technology.

  • Plated: 9k Samples that were bath electroplated with 24k layer.

  • Fresh: 9k Samples as manufactured.

NanoFine samples passed all six quality tests successfully.

Further details and results are shown below.


According to the BS EN12472 standard

This procedure attempts to simulate the wear and corrosion on article during two years of normal use. The tested articles were exposed to a corrosive atmosphere before being placed into a tumbling barrel together with a wear medium of abrasive paste and granules.

      (L*,a*,b*) values are according to D-65 daylight in CIE1976 color space.

      DE is the color difference occurred because of the mentioned test.


According to the ISO 3160-2 standard

Sweat test, a fine mist of saline and acidic agents were sprayed over the surface of the articles while in 40 °C atmosphere for 24 hours.


According to the ISO 9227:2012 standard

Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - Neutral Salt spray test for 96 hours


Articles being tested if preserved upon exposure to hot and humid environments. During the test, articles are exposed to 92% humidity environment and temperature of 55 °C for 120 hours


HMV-G 20DT Micro Vickers Hardness Tester by Shimadzu Corporation


Articles were exposed to H2S containing atmosphere in a 5-liter volume container. The Articles were kept in this atmosphere at ambient temperature for 240 minutes.