Derech Ha'Atsmaut 39, Haifa 3303320, Israel


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About Us

NanoFine Technologies is a startup company developing novel chemicals and machinery for gold jewelry industry.

Unlike electroplating methods used for enriching the color of jewelry articles, NanoFine enables color enrichment without applying any coatings, via color selection feature, using one NanoFine material, while reducing costs of enriching processes by ~50%.


Meet The Team

Dr. Basila Kattouf

Founder & CEO

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Dr. Suzan Abd El Majid

Metallurgical R&D Engineer

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Dr. Joseph Hazan

Research Scientist



Takwin is a venture capital fund that partners with high potential entrepreneurs to build global leading high-tech companies. We team up with our entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of development to the realization of the startup company.

OCS - Office of the Chief Scientist

The Office of the Chief Scientist was established in 1974. The main aim of the department is to increase economic empowerment within the civilian sector of the Israeli economy.

Main activities include the funding of research and policy-making within its sphere of influence.